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Tater Tots Daycare is a family run  large in home child care facility, licensed by the state of CA. ​ Tater Tots Daycare Operates a 24 hour facility providing before/after school care, day, evening, weekend, and overnight services.


Tater Tots Program has been developed to serve the needs of today's family. As a family run child care home, Tater Tots Daycare assures quality 'home away from home.'


Tater Tots Daycare provides an atmosphere where children are respected, staff is responsible and parents are always welcome. Tater Tots Daycare educates through play. We provide an atmosphere that fosters a positive self image, sense of independence, and self discipline. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.


Play is not wasted time, but rather time spent building new knowledge from previous experience


Child Safety


Education and development are important, but we know that nothing matters more than the safety, security and health of your child. That’s why protection and preparedness are critical considerations in everything we do at Tater Tots Daycare.


From first aid  & CPR training for emergency situations to sanitation and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for children, we have taken every step to ensure  that every child is happy and healthy.

Our vehicles used for transportation all are designed with the safety and security of children in mind.


Although scraped knees are a part of growing up, you can have confidence that your child is cared for in a secure, nurturing environment every day.

Give us a call:
(916) 201-6038
Phone Available M-F 8am-6pm

In The


Vacation Dates 2024:

January 1-2

January 15

February 12

February 19

March 15 

March 18

April 15-19

May 27

June 19

July 4-5

July 19*

August 8-9

September 2

October 14

November 1

November 11

November 25-29

December 16-31




  • Sacramento Providers Network

  • Catalyst Food Program

  • Child Action

  • Sacramento Preschool Bridging Model

6/1: Tuition payment due by 4pm PST

6/12: Music w/ Paul the Music Man

6/15: Bi-Monthly invoices due by 4pm

6/15: Waterday

6/17: April Invoices generated

6/26: Music w/Paul the Music Man

6/29: Waterday

​Our Team

Our team at Tater Tots Daycare are nurturers as well as educators.  We encourages learning through exploration, and understands the balance between what a child needs to feel safe and what he/she requires to reach his/her potential.


At Tater Tots Daycare, we work alongside families, celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and communicating daily about your child’s achievements and goals.

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