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Our Policy


Tater Tots Daycare offers 24 hour care Monday thru Sunday. Our non traditional schedule is based on each families individual childcare needs and within our licensed capacity per age group. Once your childcare hours are stated you must stay within the time frame as to avoid possible overlapping with another families schedule. Your contracted hours are not necessarily the same as another families.


Subsidized child care is accepted through Child Action, Inc only. Please accompany your child into the center and assist them with taking off their jacket and shoes (if necessary). Shoes are to be removed upon entering the daycare and please teach your child to put their shoes, coats and other personal belongings in their cubby. Your child will have their own cubby to place their belongings in.


Tobacco, Alcohol & Illegal Substance use is prohibited in the day care facility at all times for the provider, team and parents of the children. A child will not be released at pick-up to an adult shows signs of being incapable or under the influence of an illegal substance.


The relationship/partnership between parents and Tater Tots Daycare is the most important and sacred relationship there is, we must share a mutual trust, respect and openness towards each other. It is not only beneficial for the parent to feel secure in leaving their child so they can pursue their needs, but it also benefits the child by allowing them to sense their parents trust and comfort level, therefore allowing them to feel safe and secure in a new environment. I have a total open communication policy. You will receive daily reports electronically  about your child's day and monthly newsletter's to let you know what your child is learning. 

Our Payment Schedule


Families have the option of being invoiced bi-weekly or monthly. Bi-weekly invoices are due on the 1st and 15th of the month, in advance. Monthly invoices are due on the 1st of the month, in advance.


Families can pay their child care account by cash, check or major credit card in house or online.

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